Terms & Conditions

General Information for the Business

Before leaving your car in our parking area, it’s essential to understand the following details about our business. This parking facility is privately owned by Aristion Airpark LTD (hereinafter referred to as the “Owner”). Clients must adhere to the Owner’s Terms and Conditions outlined below. While we employ a 24-hour CCTV system for monitoring, we cannot guarantee the safety of your car or any possessions left within. Clients are strongly advised to have their cars insured to make any claims in case of loss or damage.

Parking instructions

To ensure smooth operations and safety within our parking area:

1. Enter and exit only through designated points.
2. Follow instructions from the Owner or their employees regarding parking to avoid obstructions.

Drive with safety

Safety is paramount while driving within our premises:

1. Drive carefully and slowly, adhering to instructions from the Owner or their employees.
2. Upon parking, proceed promptly to the office for payment or follow instructions provided.

Your car’s and possessions’ safety

Ensuring the safety of your vehicle and belongings is paramount. Before leaving your car in our parking area, please:

1. Securely lock your vehicle.
2. Close all windows securely.
3. Engage any security alarms fitted to your vehicle.
4. Take your possessions with you when leaving your car.
5. If possessions must be left inside, store them securely in the boot, out of sight.
6. Confirm that your car insurance policy covers any potential loss or damage to personal possessions within the car.


In the unfortunate event of damage, destruction, or loss of your car or possessions while parked with us, follow these steps immediately:

1. Contact the Owner of the parking place.
2. If theft is involved, notify the Police.
3. Inform your insurers about the loss or damage.

Accident inside the parking place, caused by the Clients

In case of any accidents involving damage to another client’s car, report the incident immediately to the Owner with relevant registration numbers.

‘‘Abandoned’’ car

Any car left in our parking area for more than six months will be considered abandoned and subject to the following procedures.

Procedures followed for an ‘‘abandoned’’ car

The Owner reserves the right to handle abandoned cars as follows:

1. Refusal to release the abandoned car until all outstanding parking fees are paid.
2. Disposal of abandoned cars as deemed necessary.
3. Claiming due fees and expenses from the registered owner.
4. Disclaimer of liability towards the owner for disposal.

Moving of cars

The Owner reserves the right to move cars when necessary to avoid obstruction or for efficient parking management.

Our Parking fees

Parking fees are subject to change and can be found on our official website. Note that fees may change without prior notice.

In the event of any delays or discrepancies from the originally booked duration, clients should be aware that additional charges equivalent to the extended duration will be applied. It is imperative to adhere to the agreed booking period to avoid any inconvenience or financial implications.

Forbidden activities in the parking place

Engaging in the following activities within our parking area is strictly prohibited:

1. Towing without prior notification to the Owner.
2. Any activities related to selling or hiring cars.

Indemnity of the Clients towards the Owner of the business

Clients agree to indemnify the Owner against any claims arising from their use of the parking area.

Our Service does not include the following:

1. Safeguarding against criminal actions that could harm or lead to the loss of a vehicle or its contents, or result in personal injury, unless such activities are directly caused by us.

2. Protection against damage to vehicles caused by severe weather conditions including hail, sunlight, floods, or wind.

3. Guaranteeing timely arrival for your flights. It is recommended to adhere to your airline’s suggested arrival times at the airport terminal to allow ample time for check-in or baggage drop, security screening, and reaching your departure gate

Disclaimer of the Owner

The Owner disclaims all warranties except as expressly provided in the Terms and Conditions.